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Welcome to Life Cycling Info.

Try Life Drawing with a difference - Draw the motion and expressions of life models cycling in the studio at various venues - find out further details below and view artwork at

View Images of the Life Cycling Event at Addingham Methodist Church Hall on Saturday 14th June 2014 (in Addingham) -  Click on the Blue / White / Red Links Above

Selected Artworks were exhibited in Addingham and the South Pennines, UK in July, August and October 2014.

New work is currently showing at The Arthouse, Wakefield during 2015 on selected open evening events.  The next events are in September 2015.  Please keep revisiting for further details...



Addingham Methodist Church Hall,                                      Platform One Gallery,
Chapel Street,                                                                         Todmorden Station,
Addingham,                                                                             Todmorden
Ilkley LS29 0JE

The Art House
Drury Lane
Access via New Entrance from Mulberry Way


2016 Life Cycling Calendar Coming Soon...

Life Cycling 2015 Calendar

2015 Front Cover Calendar Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014


Life Cycling Projects Special Limited Edition Book Now Available

Life Cycling Front Cover Book Image ©Robert P. Clarke 2014

Workshops 2014 / 2015

Life Cycling invited artists to alternative clothed and nude life drawing events.  Artists responded to exploring the movement of cyclists through drawing.  Selected artworks produced have been exhibited locally and nationally.  Please keep re-visiting to view further planned events starting in September 2015 and running into 2016 /2017 which will focus on themed exhibitions, further published books and art installations.

Find out more by completing the form below for further events in 2015 and beyond:

Two Cyclists

Above Image  ©Robert P. Clarke 2012

Events 2015 - 2017


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